Wales to beat Nigeria. Here’s why…

Wales to beat Nigeria. Here’s why…

Wales have been in the Champions League for a long time, and they have not lost to a team from Africa. So, it is not surprising that the Welsh team is confident enough to take the fight to their African rivals.
The team has a good selection of players, which allows it to play in any team. This is especially important in the group stage, where the Welsh will have to play with the favorites.
In the group, the team will have the following opponents:
* Netherlands;
* Italy;
* Germany;
* Spain.
All of them have a good chance of winning the tournament. In the last season, the Netherlands and Italy were the main favorites. They have a great lineup, which is very effective.
However, the Welsh have a lot of advantages over them. The main one is the experience of the players. The Netherlands and the Italians have a long tournament, while the Welsh players have already played in the top-4.
You can follow the matches of the Welsh with the help of the statistics. The website of sports statistics provides information about the games of the teams, as well as the results of individual matches.

The tournament is very important for the teams. They need to win it to qualify for the next stage of the tournament, where they will have a chance to play against the top clubs.
Main favorites of the group stages
The Netherlands and Italian teams are the main contenders for the victory in the tournament and will have an opportunity to take part in the next round. The teams have a very good lineup, and it is very difficult to predict the outcome of the games.
This is especially true for the match against the Netherlands. The Dutch team is very confident, which will be reflected in the results. The team has the best goalkeeper in the world, and he is able to make a number of important saves.
It is also worth noting that the team has good players on the attack. The most effective players are:
• De Jong;
• “Klopp”;
“Van Deijk”.
These players have a positive effect on the game of the Dutch. The latter have a number 1 ranking in the EPL, and this is very useful for the team.
Now, the match between the Dutch and the Italian will be extremely interesting. The Italian team has been in top form for a number years, and the team is ready to fight for the gold medals.
Follow the results on the website of the sports statistics, where you can always find out the latest information.
Live score of the match
The live score of today’s match will help you to follow the game. The match will be held between the Netherlands, which has the number 1 position in the standings, and Italy, which finished in the last position.
Both teams have good players, and you can see that the game is very interesting. You can follow it on the sports website of statistics.
One of the main factors that can decide the fate of the game will be the result of the live score. The first goal of the Italians was a surprise, and now the team looks very confident.
If the live scores of the matches are favorable for the Dutch, then the match will not be a failure for the Italians. The game is extremely tense, and there is a high probability that the match ends in a draw.
Do not miss the live results of today’s match. It will be a great opportunity to follow all the events.
Watch the live scoring of the meeting between the teams
The match will begin at 18:00 CET. It is important to note that the live scoreboard of the confrontation is very active. You will be able to see the results in real time.
As for the Netherlands team, it has a number one ranking in EPL. This allows it not only to play well, but also to score a lot. The players are very confident and do not take any risks.
At the same time, the Italian team is not a team that is afraid of failure. It has a very strong lineup, but it is still capable of scoring a lot, and in this case, it will be very difficult for the players of the Netherlands to stop it.
There are a lot more matches ahead, and we will see how the match with the Italians will turn out.
Who will win the match?
The main goal of both teams is to finish in the first position in their groups. The Italians have the advantage over the Dutch in the following areas:
1. Experience of the team leaders.
2. Individual skills of the leaders. In particular, De Jong, Van Deijk, and “Zlatan” are very effective in the attack, which helps the Dutch to score.
3. The strength of the defense.
4. Good teamwork.
5. Competitors’ mistakes.
Of course, the Italians can not be counted out yet, but they have a high chance of not finishing in the playoffs.
To follow the live result of today match, you can use the website that provides information on the results and the livescore of the confrontations.
How to follow live score
The website of live scores is the best place to follow today”s events.

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