Group A: who will advance?

Group A: who will advance?

The first round of the Champions League saw the first matches of the new season, and it was very interesting. The first matches were held between the teams that are considered to be the main contenders for the title.
The teams that were considered to have the best chances of winning the title were:
* Juventus;
* Barcelona;
• Liverpool.
However, the first rounds of the tournament showed that the main favorites of the season are Real Madrid and Manchester City.
In the next rounds, the teams will play not only for the champion title, but also for the coveted Europa League places.

The main intrigue of the first round was the fact that the teams were divided into two groups. The main favorites were the first and the second.
Juventus and Liverpool were the leaders of the group. The team of Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player of the team. The leaders of Liverpool, such as Dejan Lovren, were the main stars of the club.
After the first match, it became clear that the first group was not as clear as the second group, but the leaders were not as strong as the leaders in the second and third groups.
All the teams started the tournament in the best way possible, and the fans were able to watch the matches with the enthusiasm.
Who will advance to the next round?
The leaders of Juventus and Liverpool, Cristiano and Luis, were in the first place of the standings. The second place went to the team of Barcelona, which is led by Lionel Messi.
Barcelona is considered to the strongest team in the world, and its main star is the Argentinean player. Messi has scored a lot of goals, and he is considered one of the best players of the modern era.
Despite the fact, that the team is not the strongest, but it is considered the main contender for the gold medals.
Next rounds will be very interesting, because the main competitors of the leaders are Manchester City and Real Madrid.
It is not yet known who will be the winner of the Europa League, but we will find out the answers to this question in the next matches.
Live football scores
The season of the European Cup has already ended, and many fans are already wondering who will win the gold medal. The Champions League is also interesting, and this time the matches were very interesting and exciting.
There were many interesting matches, and in the end, the fans got the answers.
Fans can watch the live football scores on the reliable resource.
Main contenders for victory
The strongest teams in the tournament are:
1. Juventus. The club has a long history of winning gold medals, and now it is the main favorite of the upcoming season. The players of Juventus are ready to fight for the victory in the Champions Cup.
2. Liverpool. The Merseysiders are considered the leaders, and they have a great opportunity to win gold medals in the upcoming campaign.
3. Barcelona. The Catalans are considered one the main rivals of the Merseysides.
4. Manchester City, which has a good lineup, but is not as confident as the other teams.
5. Real Madrid, which also has a great lineup, and is ready to win the champion’s title. However, the main star of the Royal Club is Cristiano, who is considered a real star of football.
6. Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs are considered a great team, and their main star, Kane, is considered as a real leader of the squad.
7. PSG, which had a good season, but has not yet managed to win a trophy.
8. Bayern Munich, which was the main competitor of the main club of the German championship, Borussia Dortmund.
9. Valencia. The Monegasques are considered as the main rival of Barcelona.
10. Juventus, which again has a strong lineup, although the players are not as experienced as the others.
You can always follow the live scores of the matches of all the teams of the world on the website of sports statistics.
Team’ scores in the Europa league
The Europa League is the most prestigious tournament in Europe. It is a competition for the best teams in Europe, and each year the competition is more intense.
This season, the Europa Cup has become even more interesting, as the teams are divided into three groups. Each group has its own specialties.
Of course, the most interesting of them are the group stage matches. The teams are playing in the group of the lower divisions, and if they win, they will advance.
If they lose, they have to play in the lower groups. This is the first time that the clubs of the same country have been divided into groups. It will be interesting to see how the teams play in this group.
Among the teams who are in the strongest positions in the current season, are:

* Ajax;
* Benfica;
* Marseille;

* Lyon;
The team of Thiago Silva is considered by many fans to be one of them.
At the moment, the team has a lot to prove, because it is in the middle of the groups. However the fans are looking forward to the matches, because they are very interesting to watch.

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