05/15/2019 all-day
IA&A at Hillyer
9 Hillyer Court
NW, Washington
DC 20008

For an artist, it is always a unique challenge to glean new insights from complex phenomena, such as that of human migration—an ancient, mysterious process that involves many peoples and nations and a welter of data and cultural forces. In CONSTELLATIONS/MIGRATION, Rome-based artist Pietro Ruffo draws inspiration from the geographers, cartographers, and astronomers of antiquity to tackle the timeless mysteries of human movement, conflict, and assimilation. Assuming that migration and resettlement have always been central to the survival of all species, the artist explores these elusive themes in a series of extraordinary works that reflect on the ancient frictions and fusions between peoples, places, and cultures of the world.

With these multifaceted works, this exhibition casts a spotlight on the timeless phenomena of the displacement of persons and cultures, from the rich perspective of global history.

9 Hillyer Court, NW, Washington, DC 20008
Phone: 202.338.0325

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